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Bonita Vivien Coue was arrested in Brisbane, Australia, on Wednesday night after allegedly killing Kerry Michael Rooney. On Thursday, the Brisbane Arrest Court heard how Coue allegedly took a bus to Mr. Rooney’s apartment with a bottle of bleach, a toy gun and two kitchen knives.

The single father was out of her with her 10-year-old son when Coue arrived, so she allegedly waited on the stairs of her apartment building. Officers claim that Coue had been observing the 51-year-old man for two weeks prior to the alleged murder. They were married but separated years ago, police said.

Following Rooney’s return home Wednesday night, police allege that Coue sprayed him in the face with bleach before stabbing him in the neck, legs, back, torso and hands. Mr. Rooney tried to escape from Coue several times and screamed for help, but she allegedly followed him and continued to stab him.

After she finally fell to the ground in the middle of the street, police allege that Coue bent over him and slit his throat. She still had a knife in Mr. Rooney’s back when officers arrived at the scene. Hungarian-born Coue is also accused of pointing her toy gun at a neighbor who tried to intervene with a baseball bat, forcing him to leave, and for trying to spray a neighbor with bleach.

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Bonita Vivien Coue is 53 years old.

Charges – Arrested

The 51-year-old woman is alleged to have waited on the stairs of her ex’s apartment to ambush Rooney, and when she got home, she stabbed him at least twice. After the stabbing, Coue allegedly followed Rooney to the street where she allegedly doused him with bleach and stabbed him in the neck.

According to Nine News, a 10-year-old boy believed to be the couple’s son witnessed the alleged murder. He was allegedly sprayed with bleach while he was trying to help Rooney. Rooney was pronounced dead at the scene. The crime scene the police faced was horrible.

Rooney was allegedly found with the knife still stuck in his back. He had multiple stab wounds to the body, as well as defensive wounds. Coue was charged this morning with murder, two counts of assault that resulted in bodily injury and being armed enough to cause fear.

Police allege that she ambushed Rooney in her apartment, armed with a bottle of bleach, two kitchen knives and a toy gun. She allegedly attacked him when he entered the building. When he stumbled on the street, she called for help and tried to use his cell phone.

Hearing the commotion, a neighbor approached and threatened Coue with a baseball bat, but she pointed the toy gun at the man and he fled. She then continued to cut and stab her ex-husband. Police allege that she had been monitoring him for two weeks prior to the alleged attack.

In court Thursday morning, Magistrate Rosemary Gilbert told Coue that legal assistance was available for free. However, she represented herself in court, saying that she did not want to pay for an attorney. In response to the charges, the 51-year-old said: “I can say that the first charge is true … and the fourth (being armed to cause fear) was in self-defense.”

Ms. Gilbert interrupted and reminded Coue that she might have a Legal Aid attorney. “I can’t afford it,” she replied. “She is fixing the Legal Aid business … the bill comes later.” Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming called the scene “heartbreaking and abominable” and noted that there was no current OVD between Coue and Rooney.

“I understand that the male victim had no reason to suspect that he would be attacked last night and in all respects (we will allege) that he was brutal and unforeseen on the victim’s part and tragic in all respects,” he said. The matter was postponed until July 12. Neighbor Hugh Cochrane witnessed the scene after the alleged murder.

“There was a lot of commotion, screaming, screaming. Very quickly, the police entered the scene. There were some people around saying ‘stay with me friend’, we just wanted to make sure it was okay, obviously, “he said.

“We got home and saw that the street was blocked, we saw the body lying there, covered up,” said another neighbor. “It is shocking that something like this can happen here on the street, for sure. “At first we thought it must have been something from the trains, it’s usually pretty quiet.”