Cheryl Cole offered double pay by UK X Factor bosses

Well whatever the situation with Cheryl Cole and the US version of The X Factor, the Geordie pop star at least has a nice little offer to fall back on should she not get the job. The bosses of our version of the talent contest are willing to double the amount Cheryl is paid to keep her on the judging panel.

According to a source who blabbed to The Sun (so maybe take all this with a pinch of salt), X Factor bosses are desperate to keep Cheryl on the show; “Cheryl is being tempted with a bigger salary and if she takes it then it won’t look like she’s failed in the US. ITV are in turmoil about the UK version as everything is still up in the air. They know by keeping Cheryl half of their problems will be solved. She’s still the biggest advertising draw. But, of course, if she does get the US job she’ll take it like a shot.”

Various internet reports suggest Chezza takes home between £1.2 and £1.7 million per series of The X Factor, and if her salary doubled she’d be the highest earning female on TV. But will the cash be enough of an incentive against Cheryl launching her career in America? We wish we had dilemma like this, and of course we’re not at all jealous that Cheryl’s earning so much dosh *ahem*.