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Costas Menounos is the husband of Litsa Menounos, She has died, according to a post-Maria uploaded to Instagram on May 2, 2021. She was 65-years-old.

“RIP mom,” Maria wrote, adding the broken heart emoji. “God loved her so much he took her on Greek Easter,” she added, noting that Sunday, May 2, 2021, marks Orthodox Easter, which Maria and her family celebrate. Litsa had been battling Stage IV brain cancer since 2016. Litsa underwent aggressive treatment and, as of July 2017, her MRI showed that her cancer was “stable,” according to People. However, two years later, her tumor returned.

“We got some not some not so great news on Monday, November 23, that my mom’s brain tumor was growing,” Menounos said on her “Better Together” podcast.

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Costas Menounos’s age is unknown.


Litsa is survived by her husband, Costas, and her two children, Maria and Peter. The Menounos family previously lived together in Medford, Massachusetts, where Maria and Peter went to school. After college, Maria moved to California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Eventually, Litsa and Costas made the move, too.

Maria was her mother’s caregiver over the past several years, and the family recently moved out of Los Angeles and back to Connecticut, where Litsa lived out the last few months of her life.

Litsa & Costas Menounos Battled COVID-19

A few hours after Maria revealed that her mom’s tumor started growing again, both of her parents were diagnosed with COVID-19.

“We land, and that’s when this all started. I’m just going to share that we’re in the process right now, and we still need prayers. Long story short is that within a few hours, both of my parents were diagnosed with COVID,” Menounos said during an episode of her podcast.

“First it was my mom; they had rushed her to the hospital right when I landed, and then a few hours later my dad tested positive. It was absolutely surreal. And at this moment, both of them are in separate hospitals here in Los Angeles,” she added.

Maria documented just about everything that she went through when both of her parents were sick with the novel coronavirus. “Two severely immune comprised parents, two different hospitals, both with covid. Definitely the challenge of my life. I documented every step and put this little piece together, ‘mom, dad, covid and me’ in hopes it will help you and or inspire you. If it does, share it with someone else who needs it,” Maria captioned an Instagram post at the time.

Thankfully, both of her parents recovered from COVID-19.

Litsa Had Been in Hospice Care

In an Instagram update of sorts, posted on March 23, 2021, Maria revealed that her mom had been in hospice care since her “decline.” Maria was scheduled to appear on “Live! With Kelly & Ryan” and took to social media to talk about her decision to go to the Big Apple to film the show.

“I battled with whether I would be able to go to NYC at all but my mom, who was barely speaking the last few days, blurted out the order for me to go. I took it as a sign but left in tears wondering if that would be the last time I saw her. The closer I got to NYC, the more my energy shifted. I realized i needed to get myself into a better state. I needed to get back to ‘miracle mode. ‘. That energy, coupled with the priest’s visit, was contagious for my mom in the best way. She was engaged in back and forth discussion, eyes open and alert. It was the first time we experienced that in the last week and proved to me, yet again, how powerful mindset & energy is,” Maria wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption.

“I got so much energy off HER getting energy that I realized Dad and I were looking at things the wrong way. God saved him a million times with his diabetes. AND he gave mom almost five years. Mom and Dad both made it through having Corona. We had so many miracles to focus on and instead we were crying about the end. How do we know? Every time the tumor grew we believed it was the end only to be wrong. A great key was us shifting our mindsets per the training I got through all the experts on my show. I said to my Dad ‘this conversation we’re having right now is a Miracle.’ If we don’t see and honor miracles we’ve had, why do we deserve more? I’m grateful God has blessed us and I’m praying for my moms ultimate miracle to come. I want to be dancing in Greece with her this summer. Why can’t she be like @anitamoorjani ? Why not my mom. Why not yours? What’s the risk? Embarrassment for believing? I told my husband if i believed that Tom Brady could come back from a 28-3 deficit in the Super Bowl…i better believe that much more in God. So thats what I’m doing and what you can do in your situations too. I’m grateful I got to come home where my mom told me I did a good job,” she added.