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Emanuele Briganti Wiki & Biography

Emanuele Briganti is a 39 Years old Artist and Popular Fashion Designer from Italy. He was born on April 28, 1981, in Lecce, Italy. He is one of the successful Creative Fashion Designer. Briganti is CEO and co-founder of Italy’s Luxury Brand Elevator Shoes Guido Maggi. His love for men’s fashion has led Him to travel the world. Emanuele Briganti is the Creative Director of the Guido Maggi company that is Europe leading brand’s success.

Family Background

Emanuele Briganti belongs to one of the wealthiest families from Lecce, Italy. He has a famous family background, His father’s name is Giuseppe Briganti and He was also a footwear fashion designer. Emanuele Briganti’s great-grandfather was the founder of the company GuidoMaggi, this name was also one of the 20th century’s best footwear fashion designers.

“GuidoMaggi has a long history of shoemaking. His great-grandfather’s name was, in fact, Guido Maggi due to the fame of his handicraft shoes this name turned into a big brand, and he was a master shoemaker who handcrafted shoes and boots for the Royal House of Savoy.

Wiki – Bio

First Name Emanuele
Last Name Briganti
Full Family Name Emanuele Briganti
Birth Day April 28, 1981
Birth City Lecce
Birthplace Lecce city in Italy’s southern Apulia region.
Birth Country Italy
Height 5’9 (175 cm)
Shoe size 41 EU
Horoscope sign Taurus
Father Name Giuseppe Briganti
Siblings Chiara (Sister)
Company GuidoMaggi
Personal Website emanuelebriganti.com
Instagram Profile emanuelebriganti
Twitter Account lelebriganti
Youtube Channel Emanuele Briganti

His Career in Fashion Industry

Emanuele Briganti, really a big name in the fashion industry. He was born April 28, 1981, in Lecce, Italy still his residence place in Lecce. The man started his career as an Artist & fashion choreographer, had been working in fashion & style since 2001. He also completed his Graduate and formal education from his Home Town Lecce. Not in Italy, Emanuele Briganti is a very well-known fashion designer all around the world.

Emanuele is known as a king of the Shoe fashion industry. He worked as both a choreographer & a fashion designer. Emanuele Briganti, one of the most recognized famous European fashion labels was first launched in 2001. Emanuele Briganti has used his brand GuidoMaggi to bring fashion into the world of elevator shoes. His goal was to allow men to gain confidence from increased stature while remaining fashionable and not giving away the secret of their height.

Passion for Fashion

The personality of Emanuele Briganti has a full passion for fashion. He is topping the list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Italian Fashion Designers and he is onward to his journey of the fashion world. Fashion is a language of mind, body, and soul. It is not just wearing clothes, Jackets & shoes, but yet it’s a lifestyle which means celebrations & one should celebrate everything. We see a lot of personalities serving in fashion industries all around the world. Italy is no doubt is the country with the fastest growing fashion industry. Here we go through the personality of Emanuele Briganti He is One of the top known faces of the Italian Shoes Fashion Industry which is known by people interested in changing their lifestyles and trends all around the world. Emanuele Briganti’s company not only national but also around the whole globe, countries such as the USA, UK, Australia Denmark, Canada, Germany, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Many more.

The USA, from the President to the citizens: everyone is crazy about leather and elevator shoes https://t.co/sn4cuec67n #elevatorshoes #heightincreasingshoes #bespokeshoes #guidomaggishoes #emanuelebriganti

— Emanuele Briganti (@lelebriganti) February 23, 2021

CEO of GuidoMaggi

Being A CEO Emanuele Briganti worked his way up the ladder with smart decision-making and a willingness to give the company everything he had. To be a CEO, it takes a certain level of charisma and instinct to lead a company and team towards success. Emanuele Briganti has a Persistence personality and he proved that hard work is an essential ingredient that makes him a successful entrepreneur. He is on the way to empower his company GuidoMaggi by providing No.1 quality unique products. After offering truly luxury Italian bespoke elevator shoes with the level of quality and craftsmanship His company has left no real competitors in the market to beat GuidoMaggi.

Emanuele Briganti Personal Life & Hobbies

He is an avid sports enthusiast, He does yoga frequently and enjoys long walks in his spare time. He also loves spending time with his family and friends, reading books, photography and spending time with animals. In his Point of view, of course, it is important to always try and take the time to develop a physical and mental state by doing activities such as Yoga. So that he get in touch with physical activities that allow him to keep things in perspective and to detox from the daily problems that we all face.

Emanuele Briganti’s official Twitter account

You Can Read the Latest tweets from Emanuele Briganti’s official Twitter account below. Emanuele Briganti, who had been reigning on Twitter for years. Video blogger Emanuele Briganti has Lot of Twitter followers, with whom He shares the details of his company GuidoMaggi and about his own life experience. Emanuele Briganti’s Twitter timeline is shown below, a stream of tweets from the accounts that have the last tweet from Twitter that you want to know what he said on his last tweet. Emanuele Briganti’s top and most recent tweets read from his Twitter account hereTweets by Emanuele Brigant

Tweets by lelebriganti

Emanuele Briganti’s official Instagram account

Emanuele Briganti is a far more prolific poster on Instagram with Story Highlights, shots from performances, and promotions of his latest work and activities. Emanuele Briganti has long been one of the most recognizable personalities on Instagram. Emanuele Briganti also keeps sets of Story Highlights of his visits to places around the world, along with shots from photoshoots and his attending events.

Emanuele Briganti’s Official Youtube Channel

Emanuele Briganti does video Productions and uses his YouTube channel to provide hilarious content about his company GuidoMaggi and also about his personality. Emanuele Briganti’s official youtube channel Emanuele Briganti features his official content about his company and lifestyle vlogs series. He also Motivates his fans by YouTube video series by sharing his lifestyle and hobbies and new introduction of his company.


5 Little Known Facts About Emanuele Briganti and His company GuidoMaggi

Emanuele Briganti is The Man Who Makes the Hollywood Stars Taller.Anywhere he goes he always prefers to wear shoes of GuidoMaggi.Emanuele Briganti’s Company GuidoMaggi shoes are being liked and Used By the President of the USA.His Company GuidoMaggi is the only company whose shoes were the No.1 Choice of Royal House of Savoy for decades.GuidoMaggi shoes are 100% handicraft and the company has no real competitors in Europe.