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Fernando Munera was charged Thursday with murder, theft, and criminal disrespect in connection with the brutal murder of 27-year-old Alayna Hardy.

Munera was hospitalized in critical condition after being stabbed to the chest and neck in the hands of her victim, whom the police said was fighting desperately for her life.

Fernando Munera Age

Fernando Munera is 26 years old.

Arrested – Charges

The 27-year-old New York woman was brutally stabbed to death in her Harlem apartment by her ex-boyfriend for whom she received a restraining order. 26-year-old Fernando Munera accused of murdering Alayna Hardy. Munera is accused of breaking into Hardy’s Harlem apartment and stabbing him to death. Police said that 27-year-old Hardy had responded and managed to stab his ex-boyfriend in the chest and neck, leading to a critical hospitalization.

Hardy issued a restraining order against Munera stemming from the February 13 incident, allegedly holding him against his will. Munera was scheduled to appear in court. According to the NYPD, Hardy reported that his ex-boyfriend was at the fire exit on East 115th Street at 911 p.m., in violation of a prohibition order that has been in effect since February after a domestic incident involving the ex-couple. He called. The New York Daily News reported.

When the police officers responded to the scene, Munera was gone. At 8.45 am, Munera allegedly returned to Hardy’s apartment and stabbed him in the body and neck repeatedly during a fight, seriously injuring the suspected attacker. A neighbor told the New York Post that a woman had shouted, and silence followed.

Hardy was rushed to the Metropolitan Hospital, where it was announced that She died of his injuries soon after. Earlier that same day, another neighbor saw Munera wandering up and down First Avenue, clenching her fists and muttering, “fuck that whore” and “fuck that whore.”

Neighbor Noel Enrique told the Bermudez Daily News that Munera was ‘hate in his eyes’.

“His eyes told me he was going to do something stupid, someone would be hurt,” the witness recalled.

Hardy was an Arizona native but lived in New York for a few years. It’s unclear how long they have been with Munera, but a photo posted on her Facebook page in December shows the woman hugging her boyfriend. On February 13, Munera was charged with illegal imprisonment, harassment, and property damage resulting from an internal incident involving Hardy.

Prosecutors said that during his trial, Munera had seized Hardy, took his phone and prevented him from leaving his bedroom. After he managed to escape, he allegedly destroyed Munera’s apartment. A judge issued a temporary protection order for Munera to prohibit him from contacting Hardy, even while he was still living in the same building with his ex-girlfriend.

Munera was scheduled to appear before a judge in the February case on Thursday morning, just hours before Hardy was murdered.

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