Kimberly Anne Scott Biography

Quick Facts About Kimberly Anne Scott

Celebrated Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Age 46 Years
Nick Name Kim
Birth Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Birth Date 1975-01-09
Gender Female
Profession Celebrity Wife
Birth Nation United States
Place Of Birth Warren, Michigan
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Capricorn
Mother Kathleen Scott
Father Casimer Sluck
Famous For Famous as Eminem‘s ex-wife
Best Known For Known for her toxic relationship with Eminem
Sisters Dawn Marie Scott
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married and Divorced
Husband Eminem
Children Halie Jade, Whitney Scott Mathers, and Alaina Marie Mathers
Net Worth $2 million
Height 5ft 8 inches(1.73m)
Weight 59kg(130lbs)
Body Measurement 34-29-37 inches
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light Brown

Kimberly Anne Scott is an American author and mercenary illustrator, who is popularly known as the ex-wife of famous controversial rapper, Marshall Bruce Mathers III(Eminem). Kimberly was in the headlines for her complicated relationship with Eminem as the couple not only got married twice but separated both times. 

Their relationship was a hot topic for all social media as Kim even tried ending her life and became a drug addict while Eminen started to hate her and mentioned her several times on his rap songs as well. 

Being an author, she has written numerous children’s books but they never got publicity. Instead, she hit the headlines for her toxic relation with Eminem and was even charged with misdemeanor possession of drugs (Cocaine), unsafe driving with a suspended license in 2003. 

What is Kimberly Anne Scott famous for?

Famous as Eminem‘s ex-wife.Known for her toxic relationship with Eminem.

Things you need to know about Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kim Scott

Where is Kimberly Anne Scott from?

Kimberly Anne Scott was born on January 9, 1975, in Warren, Michigan, United States. Her nationality is American. Scott belongs to the White ethnicity while Capricon is her zodiac sign. 

Born as the twin daughter of her parents in Warren, Kim was raised by her mother Kathleen Scott, and her stepfather, Casimer Sluck. She grew together with her twin sister, Dawn Marie Scott but she never had a happy childhood instead had a tormenting childhood as she was sexually assaulted by her alcoholic stepfather, which is why the sisters ran away from their house. 

Raised in a tormenting environment, the sisters started taking drugs, and even after that which led Kim’s sister died in 2016 due to a heroin overdose. 

Kimberly Anne Scott’s relationship with her ex-spouse; Eminem

Kim and Eminem’s relationship started back in their teenage days. They were high school sweethearts. Kim met him at a house party where she saw him singing LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” and instantly started liking him. Music was what brought them closer, they could relate to each other because both of them had a rough childhood with an abusive parent.

Kim along with her sister moved to Eminem’s house wherein he lived with his mother. Eminem’s growing success led to the differences between him and Kim. However, Kim got pregnant and delivered their first child, Hailey Jade, a girl, on December 25, 1995.

The couple broke up in 1996 and Kim started living with her daughter at the 1-bedroom apartment.

Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem exchanged vows in 1999 and got married, but their relationship seemed to get worse even after that. Kim was caught kissing John Guerrera, the bouncer of a nightclub. Eminem was taken in charged and arrested as he assaulted Guerrera. Eminem started holding a grudge for her, which he expressed in one of his songs titled “Kim” from the album The Marshall Mathers LP. This song tells the story of Eminem murdering Kim in response to the affair.

On July 7, 2000, Eminem played the song Kim and abused her in Eminem’s concert for the Up in Smoke Tour. Having attended the concert with her sister, she was embarrassed and got into a car accident after leaving the show. Reaching her Detroit home, she attempted suicide by slashing her wrists and ended up in the hospital the other day.

Eminem filed for divorce but in December 2000, the couple called off the divorce.

On October 11, 2001, the couple got divorced filed for the second time. 

In 2002, Kim gave birth to Whitney, her second daughter, with a man named Eric Hartter. 

Eminem and Kim dated each other again in 2005 and Eminem announced their wedding on a radio station. They married again on 14 January 2006 which was on the day of their 7th anniversary. 

Things were just fine until Kim got into argument with Eminem’s brother Nathan. This led to bitterness in their relationship again. On April 6, 2006, he again filed a divorce against Kim and was finalized on 19 December 2006. 

Eminem dedicated another song to Kim,” Going Through Changes” on the album Recovery, where he depicts that he still loves Kim but they will never get back together.

Despite their toxic relationship, Eminem has finally apologized to Kim for the pain he has caused on his new album ‘Revival’ with ‘Bad Husband’.

Kimberly Anne Scott’s children

Kimberly Anne Scott is a mother of three children namely Halie Jade, Whitney Scott Mathers, and Alaina Marie Mathers. Halie was their first daughter and also the reason why the couple kept getting together even if their relationship was sour.

From Kim’s relationship with Eric Harter, Whitney Scott was born as her second daughter.

Alaina Marie was the real daughter of Dawn Scott. But because of her drug addiction, Eminem and Kim took Alaina’s custody and later adopted her in 2002.

Eminem and Kim agreed to share custody of their daughter Hailie, while Eminem received full custody of Alaina and Kim’s daughter, Whitney, after their divorce.

Even if they were bad partners, they were always good parents to their children.

Cases on Kimberly Anne Scott

There are many controversies on cases that have been filed against Kim throughout her life. Kim was responsible for a car accident on July 7, 2000, after Eminem’s concert where he played the song, ”Kim” to humiliate Kim for which she was sentenced to 12 months probation and a fine of $900.

On July 8, 2001, she was arrested and charged with drug possession, cocaine was found in the backseat of her car, but wasn’t declared guilty.

She was arrested, fined, and was kept on probation, again in 2003 for unsafe driving with two bags of cocaine. 

Likewise, in October of 2015, she was fined $900 and sentenced to one year of probation when she admitted she crashed her SUV into a ditch and utility pole while drunk driving. 

Kimberly Anne Scott’s Net worth

As she is the ex-wife of a famous rapper, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. After their divorce, the court ordered Eminem to pay $52000 per annum to Kim for spousal support and child custody. In recent years Kim has not been much active on social media and has been staying away from the limelight.

Kimberly Anne Scott’s Height and Weight

Being a fitness freak, Kimberly has a sturdy and fit physique with an average height of 5ft 8inches while her body weighs around 59kg. She enjoys flaunting her flat stomach and her body measurement is about 34-29-37 inches. She has long blonde hair with light brown eyes.

Did You Know?

Kim’s twin sister, Dawn Marie died in 2016 due to a heroin overdose.Eminem and Kim agreed to share custody of their daughter Hailie, while Eminem received full custody of Alaina and Kim’s daughter, Whitney, after their divorce. Eminem has finally apologized to Kim for the pain he has caused on his new album ‘Revival’ with ‘Bad Husband’.