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OnlyJayus was forced to apologize in February for using racial slurs in text messages, people have started a petition to ban them entirely from the social media platform because they allegedly failed their end of the deal to collaborate with creators of color like promised. in his apology.

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OnlyJayus‘s age is unknown.

A petition titled ‘Ban OnlyJayus from TikTok’

A petition titled ‘Ban OnlyJayus from TikTok’ is now gaining traction on, having gathered just over 100,000 signatures in just a couple of days. His current goal is set at 150,000. “OnlyJayus (aka Isabella Avila) should be banned from TikTok. They have been caught and reported several times for mistreating disabled creators and creators of color. In February 2021, Jayus was embroiled in a scandal due to some comments Jayus racists. Jayus has apologized saying they would ‘raise black voices’ and ‘share their platform with creators of color’, but has failed to deliver on any of their promises, “the petition description reads.

He further added: “Many creators have come together to remove OnlyJayus from the app as they have been reported for ignoring emails and messages from colored content creators to collaborate with them to help rectify the situation. Their issues have also been reported. extended to them they make a joke about robbing disabled people and organizing rigged giveaways. Recently, it emerged that Jayus contacted a ghostwriter to write his initial apology, which has been removed from his original page. Isabella is 13.5 millions of followers on TikTok who watch videos like this. Sign the petition to help OnlyJayus get out of this app and make it safer for all creators. ”

OnlyJayus took to Twitter to respond, mocking the request. “So someone started a petition to get me out of tik tok 💀 I’m sooooo scared,” they joked before adding, “But father, this shit is fun. Good luck getting over 13.5 million signatures.”

So someone started a petition to get me off tik tok 💀 I’m soooooo scared

But Fr tho this shit is funny. Good luck getting more than 13.5M signatures ig

— onlyjayus (@notjayus) June 16, 2021

Incident Detail

The texts appearing in the screenshots that emerged at the time were reportedly from a year ago. The content creator is seen using the N word in a conversation. It was unclear who the star was talking to, but the use of the word was enough to provoke a great outrage.

Apologizing for their behavior, they said: “In my past, I said nasty things to people and I am very ashamed of myself for using racist rhetoric and derogatory language to hate others because I knew what that word meant and understood the power behind that., but I said it anyway because it was the worst thing I could think of and I feel so sorry for everyone but especially those in the black community. Only you can forgive me for this. There is no excuse and there is There is no justification for what I said and you guys deserve better. I forgot how hateful and angry a person used to be. ”

I know it was frustrating waiting for me to address this, but instead of just reacting to it like I usually do, I wanted to do better and reflect

— onlyjayus (@notjayus) February 13, 2021