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Richard Michetti texted his ex during the Capitol riots to say he was “an idiot” if he didn’t believe the election was stolen. She handed it over.

Michetti now faces charges for his alleged conduct on January 6 after prosecutors said someone with whom Michetti had a “prior romantic relationship” shared with law enforcement the texts and videos he sent her during the attack.

“If you can’t see that the elections were stolen, you are an idiot,” Michetti wrote to her that day.

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Arrested – Charges

Michetti was charged with entering or staying in a restricted building or lot, violent entry and disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds, obstruction of justice, and a charge that has him punished as a principal.

Prosecutors listed a series of text messages Michetti sent to his ex as he was on his way to the United States Capitol. Around 7:15 p.m. The night before the riot, he wrote: “I just got to DC. I’ll call when I get out.”

The woman told police that Michetti was in Washington on January 6 because she believed the elections were stolen from then-President Donald Trump.

Around 6:04 p.m., he sent a series of text messages to his ex. One said, “I understand your point, but what I’m saying is [ex’s name] that the election was rigged and everyone knows it. All we wanted was an investigation, that’s all. And they couldn’t investigate the biggest presidential race. of the story with mailing ballots that everyone knows is easy to fraud. ”

In fact, Attorney General William Barr authorized US prosecutors across the country to “pursue substantial allegations” of voting irregularities in the 2020 election, but the Justice Department did not discover any evidence of widespread fraud that would change the outcome. of the elections. Election officials in individual states also conducted their own audits and counts, which did not find fraud or change the outcome of the elections.

“This is our country. Do you think we live like kings because nobody sacrificed anything?” Michetti told his ex in text messages. “… the vote was a fraud and he won, but they will not audit the votes. We are patriots, not revolutionaries, the other side is revolutionaries, they want to destroy this country and they say so openly.”

He also wrote: “This is tyranny, they say there and they told us ‘we rig the elections and there is nothing you can do about it’ what do you think should be done?”

In his texts, prosecutors say, Michetti detailed what he was doing on January 6, sending his ex videos of protesters screaming inside the Capitol building.

“… it goes down here, we stormed the building, we were detained with spray, tear gas and paintballs,” she wrote. “I have to stop the vote, it is a fraud, this is our country.”

She told her ex, “my eyes are burning” [sic] and “thousands of people are mugging.”

Several suspects of the riot on the Capitol have been reported to the police by an ex or a family member. Riley Williams, accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the riot, turned herself into authorities after her ex called the FBI multiple times to inform her that she had seen her on video inside the Capitol. Guy Reffitt, accused of charges including obstruction of justice, allegedly threatened his son and his daughter after his son spoke to the FBI about his actions.