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Robert Petrosh Jr., of Mays Landing, was charged after an anonymous tipster told the FBI that his grandmother heard from Petrosh’s mother that he stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 with throngs of Donald Trump supporters.

The tipster added that Petrosh had been “lying low” after a number of the alleged Capitol rioters were arrested in the weeks after the uprising.

Investigators then obtained a copy of Petrosh’s driver’s license and matched his photo to footage that shows him inside the Capitol during the riot, according to the court documents.

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Charges – Arrested

As the two grandmothers talked in January after the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, one of them told the other that her son was actually one of the hundreds who stormed the government building, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.

By Jan. 17, the other grandmother had told one of her grandchildren about what she had learned and the grandchild soon informed the FBI that Robert Petrosh Jr., of Mays Landing, was among those who stormed into the Capitol on Jan. 6, authorities said.

Petrosh is charged with entering or remaining in any restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building.

He appeared in New Jersey federal court Tuesday and was released on an unsecured $50,000 appearance bond. Petrosh is scheduled to appear in federal court via Zoom in Washington, D.C. on May 11.

Authorities were first tipped off on Jan. 10 that Petrosh may have been at the Capitol prior after an anonymous tipster claimed Petrosh was on the steps of the government building on Jan. 6, according to the charging documents.

A week later, the individual whose grandmother said Petrosh’s mother claimed her son made it inside the Capitol called the FBI and told them he heard Petrosh stormed the building. He later told the FBI he did not have any photos or video of Petrosh in the building but said Petrosh “had been lying low following the arrests of other individuals who entered the U.S. Capitol building,” authorities said.

The FBI then obtained Petrosh’s driver’s license photo and soon identified him through images inside the Capitol. The FBI officer who knew Petrosh then positively identified him.

Petrosh’s attorney declined to comment on specifics of the case when reached Tuesday.

Petrosh is now the 20th person with roots in New Jersey to be charged for their roles in at the attempted insurrection.

Investigation Report

Investigators soon learned more after a current FBI Task Force officer, who has known Petrosh for approximately 15 years, identified the South Jersey man in screenshots of surveillance video from inside the Capitol. The task force officer said he previously worked with and attended social gatherings with Petrosh, and even occasionally sees the man gardening.

The task force officer was not identified in court documents. Federal task forces often employ local or state police officers on a temporary basis or for a specific investigation.

The details surrounding how authorities came to identify and charge Petrosh were unsealed in federal court Wednesday after he turned himself in earlier this week on multiple charges related to the attempted insurrection earlier this year.