Several Fortnite Skins Leak & Somehow They Aren’t All Collabs

A massive Fortnite The leak has revealed the large number of skins that have yet to be released in the game, but are actively being worked on and could appear at any time. Skins is where Epic gets their money back with Fortnite, so it makes sense that they want to keep creating great skins every day, and that’s something they haven’t struggled with, especially. thanks to the collaborations go out with.

However, not everyone is a fan of the constant momentum of other franchises, rather they would like to return to the great tradition of Fortnite.

For anyone who’s a fan of that, it looks like the upcoming skins will be more than enough. On August 18, a huge list of skin names was leaked and while they are not confirmed for this season, they should be here sooner rather than later.

Full list of skins

MORE NEXT FEATURES (in process, not for this season)

– King of love – Eel Attack – Crisis (Male) – Wobble (male) – Spy of the Ice Maiden – Raptor Spy (Male) – Pirate octopus (male) – Durr Boxer and Tomato Boxer – Tyler Rake (Extraction’s Chris Hemsworth)

– HYPEX (@HYPEX) August 18, 2021

Trustworthy The Fortnite HYPEX leaker came out with a huge list of names to look forward to, and with the exception of Chris Hemsworth character of Extraction, they all appear to be original creations.

It’s hard to tell what they look like based on the names alone, so we’ll have to speculate for now.

King of love Eel attack Crisis (Male) Wobble (male) Ice Maiden Spy Raptor spy (male) Pirate octopus (male) Durr Boxer and Tomato Boxer Tyler Rake (Extraction)

Durr and Tomato Boxer sound interesting because those two have always been rivals, so it will be great to see Epic revive that in time for a future season.

Now, the million dollar question left is when does any of this come out. HYPEX says this is all in the works, but it won’t be for this season. Fortunately, the new season is not that far off.

When will these new skins be released?

Epic could add this creepy version of Fishstick to the game at some point!

There is currently an unfinished wrapper codename in the files called “DeadFish”, which perfectly fits this survey mask.

(Thanks to @TweaBR For letting me know!)

– Shiina (@ShiinaBR) August 20, 2021

If they won’t arrive in season 7, then perhaps season 8 could be when all these new features are released.

This will be the season of Fortnitemares, unless it somehow ends up being a very short season, so we should be getting a bunch of spooky skins.

While we already have a Skull Trooper version of Fishstick, it seems like Epic wants to keep the ball rolling with this terrifying skin. that Shiina posted.

There will be a full month of the season before October rolls around, so it might be time for all these new styles to go live.

On the other hand, we might be waiting even longer because it’s not like Epic pokes fun at random skins like this ahead of time. We will still get new skins because that is the way Fortnite works, but there is no guarantee that they will be the ones listed above.

We also can’t forget about the upcoming vacation package and the recently revealed Concept Royale skins that will come. It’s likely a few months to go, so the entire list above should come before these, but time will definitely tell.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait until the end of the season and beyond to see what Epic has up its sleeve.