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Tamika Haynes was shot dead while sitting in her car near eight women after the gunfire broke out. The deadly crash took place just before 6 pm on Tuesday at 1200 blocks of Valencia Street in Hemet, 75 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

Family members identified the 27-year-old boy as Tamika Haynes, who was shot in the head and died after being taken to a county trauma center. Haynes, whom his loved ones know as ‘Millie’, had an eight-year-old son and was three months pregnant with his second child.

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Tamika Haynes was 27 years old.

Tamika Haynes Cause of Death

According to his relatives, Haynes was sitting in a car and was an innocent bystander.

“She has a lot of family, She is loved and we don’t understand the details,” Stevlyn Sandridge told KTLA. We know nothing about why She was killed and why they shot a crowd of innocent people. Haynes’ family revealed that the victim’s 13-year-old sister was killed meaninglessly just a week after she suddenly passed out and died.

Dispatchers in Hemet began phone calls about a group of women fighting at 5:18 PM on Tuesday, followed by reports of armed conflict. It was estimated that the number of people attending was between six and eight. Officers found three adults injured by bullets at the scene, and a Hemet hospital reported that two more bullet victims had been there.

The video at the scene shows paramedics pulling an injured woman out of a BMW and putting her on a stretcher. It remains unclear whether that woman is Haynes or not. A male victim with a leg serious gunshot wound was found at the scene and his back was taken to the same trauma center as Haynes. The third victim, who arrived at the scene, was taken to Hemet Hospital for wound treatment on his arm.

There were no more details about the other two victims, but they were expected to survive. Police described the incident as multiple shots that ‘basically occurred simultaneously’, but how many guns were used is unknown. Witnesses reported hearing a dozen gunfire.

According to the police, no arrests were made on Thursday and the reason is unknown. Investigators said there was no immediate evidence that the conflict was related to the gang. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help Haynes’ family with funeral expenses. The description of collecting donations described the mother as ‘loving, encouraging, forgiving’.

Carl Smith, the campaign’s organizer, wrote: ‘If you knew Millie, you knew love. She was alive, not judging, and accepting everyone as a family. She raised everyone around with generosity and pure heart. “The mass shooting in Hemet is the latest wave of gun violence that swept the USA.

Major American cities experienced a 33 percent increase in murders last year during the coronavirus epidemic, a financial crisis, and nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism, according to a recent report by the Association of Chiefs of Major Cities and reported by CNN in April. .

The nation’s three largest cities – New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago – continued to see high violence crimes in the first three months of 2021.