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Taylor Lorenz works as a culture and technology reporter for NYT. Her work has gained prominence by predominantly focusing on Internet culture. Born in New York City, she grew up in Connecticut. She joined NYT in September 2019 and previously worked for the Daily Mail as a global director of social media. She has even written for Business Insider, The Atlantic, and The Daily Beast as a technology and culture writer.

His reports are believed to be frequently consumed by “Silicon Valley venture capitalists, marketers, and … anyone curious about how the internet is shaping the ways humans express themselves and communicate.” according to The Caret.

In 2020, she reportedly signed a deal with Simon & Schuster for a book titled “Extremely Online: Gen Z, the Rise of Influencers and the Making of a New American Dream.” On March 10, she shared a series of tweets in which she criticized Carlson for using her image on national television, followed by public humiliation. Posting a screenshot of the segment of hers, she wrote, “This is disgusting.”

This is disgusting https://t.co/ERXscjrskK

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) March 11, 2021

Taylor Lorenz Age

Taylor Lorenz is 36 years old.

Tucker Carlson ‘disgusting’

The New York Times has criticized Tucker Carlson of Fox News for his “calculated and cruel” attack on his journalist Taylor Lorenz. The driver dragged her by the tweets she shared on the occasion of Women’s Day, in which she had spoken about supporting women who endure harassment. She posted: “For International Women’s Day, consider supporting women who experience bullying online.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the campaign of harassment and defamation that I had to endure over the last year has destroyed my life. No one should have to go through this. “Criticizing the statements, Carlson said:” The most powerful claim to be powerless. “Furthermore, he called Lorenz someone” at the top of journalism’s disgusting little food chain “before calling her a journalist. NYT’s “least talented.”

Defending Lorenz, NYT issued a statement criticizing Carlson for her journalist. The publication wrote on Twitter: “In a now-familiar move, Tucker Carlson opened her show last night by attacking a journalist. It was a calculated and cruel tactic, which he regularly uses to unleash a wave of harassment and vitriol against his intended target. “In addition, he read:” Taylor Lorenz is a talented New York Times journalist who does essential and timely reporting. Journalists should be able to do their job without being harassed. ”

For international women’s day please consider supporting women enduring online harassment. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the harassment and smear campaign I’ve had to endure over the past year has destroyed my life. No one should have to go through this.

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) March 9, 2021

Lorenz blasted for false ‘r-slur’ against Tech Entrepreneur

In February, Lorenz came under severe criticism on social media after he falsely accused tech entrepreneur Marc Andreessen of using an “r-insult” during a conversation on the Clubhouse app about the rise in GameStop’s share price.

She tweeted, “@pmarca only openly used the insult r in Clubhouse tonight and no one else in the room called him or said anything.” The tweet was later removed when Andreessen’s colleague Nathan Jones clarified to another user that goes by the name Felicia Horowitz spoke about Redditors referring to themselves as the “R-word revolution,” but that Andressen himself “He never used that word, never.”

Lorenz then responded to Jones’ tweet saying, “Thank you for clarifying that it was Felicia who said that word, rather than Marc, as many in the room heard it. I hope you can understand how some people in the room felt listening to it. ”Many criticized Lorenz for her false accusations against an innocent user on social media and criticized her for her journalistic ethics.

Sean Davis Statement

Sean Davis joined Carlson during their segment when the duo took up Lorenz’s case. The presenter said: “Now that we know that Taylor Lorenz is not only having her life destroyed because people disagree with her, but she is even more destroyed because we point out that she is destroyed because people disagree with her.” Davis replied, “She stalks teenagers on the internet. And this is not my opinion. She says the same thing and even talks about how if she was a guy doing what she was doing, people would think she’s a little creepy.”

She further added that she “harasses children and teenagers and makes them say things so that she can basically undermine them in her videos. What happens is when these little totalitarian Bolsheviks get mad at you and accuse you of harassing them or being violent, what really they want to avoid any responsibility for their own actions. They use their identity as a sword and shield. “I can say things against you because of my identity, but you can’t come after me because of my identity.” It’s disgusting. ”