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Timothy Kahl lives on Village Drive in the city of Havre de Grace, less than a mile from the police station. A Facebook profile on his behalf says ‘I don’t really like Facebook’. This description seems appropriate as the only thing on his profile is his image. Beyond liking the Clash of Clans page, Kahl has not posted any content or shared any details on the account.

The profile also links to a Clash of Clans fan page called The Night Society Assassins of Clans. This website appears to be in development with lots of placeholder text. Despite Kahl playing the game on Xbox, the Xbox username is visible for anyone to add. Beyond that, we don’t know much about Kahl.

He was arrested and charged after crashing into a car at a local police station. Timothy Kahl, 24, went on a violent driving frenzy on Sunday evening, May 24. Havre de Grace started by driving her car chaotically near her home before it crashed into the police station lobby.

Although no one was injured, police accused Kahl of two first-degree murder attempts, two first-degree assaults, reckless endangerment, and malicious destruction of property worth more than $ 1,000. Before the station, Kahl damaged several of her neighbor’s homes and cars. It is unclear why Kahl was involved in the violence, the police are still investigating the case. By the way, everything we know about Kahl is here.

Timothy Kahl Age

Timothy Kahl is 24 years old.

Incident Detail

The incident occurred at approximately 9:34 p.m. in Havre de Grace, Maryland — about 40 miles northeast of Baltimore — when the suspect, 24-year-old Timothy Kahl, placed a call to the police department and told authorities he was going to come there and kill a police officer, according to the Havre de Grace Police Department.

Authorities said that they were able to obtain information during the call that led them to believe Kahl was driving in the area where he lived. The Havre de Grace Police Department subsequently responded to that area and located the suspect driving erratically, police say.

Violent anger seems to be the first time Kahl’s name appeared in the media, we couldn’t find any other words from him. At around 21.30, Kahl called the police station and said he would come and kill an officer. The police then responded to a call from a man who was driving irregularly in Kahl’s neighborhood. “When the officers contacted him, he tried to cross them in his vehicle several times,” the Havre de Grace Police Department said in a statement. explaining the event. “He crashed into several parked cars and tried to run over the cops before he escaped the area.”

“When officers went to make contact with him he tried to run them over with his vehicle several times,” the Havre de Grace Police Department said in a statement describing the incident. “He struck several parked vehicles and tried to run over the officers before fleeing the area.”

Police say that Kahl then drove to the Havre de Grace Police Department where he hit another parked car before intentionally driving his vehicle through the front doors of the police department. The attack didn’t stop there. “He exited his vehicle and as he came back out of the front doors he tried to attack officers,” police said.

Officers report that they were able to tase Kahl at this point and arrest him before he was taken to Harford Memorial Hospital for treatment. It is unclear what injuries Kahl may have sustained during the incident. The police department’s building sustained severe damage but no officers or staff were injured in the attack. Authorities say that Kahl now has numerous charges pending against him but did not provide specific details on what those will be.