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Christian Emmanuel Sanon is the third Haitian-born suspect with ties to the United States to have been arrested in connection with the Moïse murder. Moïse’s assailants identified themselves as members of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), surveillance video from outside Prez’s private residence reveals.

However, US State Department officials confirmed that the killers were not from the DEA and the Miami Herald reported that they were mercenaries hired for the assassination. A search operation was conducted at Sanon’s home and officers discovered a hat with the DEA logo, 20 boxes of bullets, six gun holders, four Dominican Republic license plates, and two cars.

Haitian National Police Chief Léon Charles said he believes Sanon was working alongside those who wanted Moïse dead and that he was being protected by the alleged assassins of the assassinated president. During the press conference held on July 11, Charles also said that he believed that Sanon was plotting to be president of Haiti.

“He arrived by private plane in June for political purposes and contacted a private security firm to recruit the people who committed this act,” said Charles revealing that the firm was a US-based Venezuelan security company called CTU, according to New York. Times.

Christian Sanon Age

Christian Emmanuel Sanon is 63 years old.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon suspect is middleman living in Florida

Haitian police say they arrested a new suspect in the assassination of the country’s president, Jovenel Moïse, a Haitian living in Florida who arrived on a private plane in June allegedly to act as an intermediary between the alleged hitmen and the masterminds. anonymous plotters.

As Haiti plunged deeper into dangerous political chaos, with notorious gang leader Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier calling on Haitians to “mobilize,” the motive for Moïse’s murder remained a mystery.

The latest suspect was identified by police as Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian in his 60s living in Florida who describes himself as a doctor and has accused his country’s leaders of corruption.

“He arrived by private plane in June for political purposes and contacted a private security company to recruit the people who committed this act,” said Haitian Police Chief Léon Charles, describing a private security company Venezuelan based in Florida called CTU.

According to the wife of at least one Colombian arrested for her involvement in the attack, Francisco Uribe, CTU offered her husband around $ 2,700 (£ 1,950) a month to work in Haiti. Charles accused Sanon of working with those who conspired and participated in the murder of Moïse, which plunged the nation of more than 11 million people into uncertainty.

However, it was not clear if Sanon was the alleged key driver, although some news sources suggested that he had ambitions to be president, or how a bankrupt former in Florida had financed the plot or planned to seize power. Four men have made claims to lead the country’s government since the assassination, including the acting prime minister, Claude Joseph, and Ariel Henry, whom Moïse appointed prime minister two days before his death.

The police chief said that among the items found by officers at Sanon’s home in Haiti was a hat with the logo of the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Moïse’s killers had claimed to be DEA agents when they raided his home. 20 boxes of bullets, parts of weapons, four license plates from the Dominican Republic, two cars, and correspondence with unidentified persons were also reported.

Laurent Dubois, an expert on Haiti and a professor at Duke University, said questions about Moïse’s murder could remain unanswered for a long time. “There are so many potential players that could be behind this,” he said. “There will be some maneuvers for positions of power. That is a big concern. ”

The intervention by Cherizier, who leads the G9 gang federation, and the Allies, which critics say has been used for politically motivated killings, has added to an already feverish atmosphere, with Cherizier criticizing police and opposition politicians. whom he accused of conspiring with the “stinking bourgeoisie” to “sacrifice” Moïse.

“It was a national and international conspiracy against the Haitian people,” he said in a video direction, dressed in a khaki military uniform and sitting in front of a Haitian flag. We tell all the bases to mobilize, to mobilize, and to take to the streets so that light is shed on the assassination of the president.”

Haitian authorities claim that a 28-member assault squad broke into Moïse’s presidential compound in the early hours of last Wednesday before shooting him dead, a sensational narrative that is under increasing scrutiny, both in Haiti and in the United States. Foreign. Charles said that Sanon was in contact with a firm that provides security for politicians and recruited the suspects in the murder and that he accompanied several of the suspected hitmen on a flight to Haiti.

The gunmen’s initial mission was to protect Sanon, but they later received orders to arrest the president, Charles said. “The operation started from there,” he said, adding that 22 more suspects joined the group and that contact was made with Haitian citizens. So far, eighteen Colombians have been detained, along with three Haitians. Charles said five of the suspects were still at large and that at least three had died, including Capador.

“They are dangerous individuals,” Charles said. “I’m talking about command, specialized command.”

Charles said that after Moïse’s death, one of the suspects called Sanon, who then contacted two people who police believe are the intellectual authors. He did not identify them or say if the police knew who they were. He said Haitian authorities obtained the information from interrogations and other parts of the investigation. He added that the police were working with high-ranking Colombian officials to identify details of the alleged plot, including when the suspects left Colombia and who paid for their tickets.

Sanon has lived in Florida, Broward County, and Hillsborough County on the Gulf Coast. Records show that he also lived in Kansas City, Missouri. He filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and is identified as a doctor in a YouTube video titled “Leadership for Haiti.” In the video, he denounces the leaders of Haiti as corrupt and accuses them of depriving the country of its resources, saying: “They don’t care about the country, they don’t care about the people.”

He claims that Haiti has uranium, oil, and other resources that have been seized by government officials.

“This is a country with resources,” he said. “Nine million people cannot be in poverty when we have so many resources in the country. It’s impossible … The world has to stop what it is doing right now. We can’t take it anymore. We need new leadership that changes our way of life. ”

Sanon has posted little on Twitter but has expressed interest in Haitian politics. In September 2010, he tweeted: “I just completed a successful conference in Port-au-Prince. Many people from the opposition attended ”. A month later, he wrote: “Back in Haiti for an important meeting on the elections. Pray for me to receive protection and wisdom.

While the streets were calm Sunday, government officials worry about what lies ahead and have requested military assistance from the United States and the UN.