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Jasmine Singletary was born with a neuromuscular

On July 13, Jasmine, Bortle, and Bortle’s mother were alone in the room shortly before she passed away. Hospital staff said the child died despite the measures that saved his life, NBC Reports 25.

Jasmine Singletary Age

Jasmine Singletary was 14 years old.

Jasmine Singletary Cause of Death

On July 21, the autopsy results indicated that the victim had “major internal injuries to the ribs and liver. “The injuries weren’t there when she was admitted to the hospital. Police said the injuries” had to have

Security footage reportedly captured the moment Bortle left the hospital room. He was “shaking and flexing his hand as if it hurt,” according to the police report. Although Bortle initially denied doing anything to his daughter, he eventually admitted that he “slammed the hospital table against Singletary’s abdomen and then leaned over the table with his weight.”

Bortle reportedly added that she was upset when her daughter started cursing her for Crayon’s colors. Police arrested Bortle and booked her into the Escambia County Jail. As of yet, there is no immediate information on Bortle’s mother and whether she will face charges.

The investigation continues. The report indicates that the grandmother gave a similar account of Singletary’s actions. The Pensacola Police Department extends its condolences to the family of Jasmine Singletary,” the department said in a statement.

“The loss of Jasmine was an unimaginable tragedy for those who loved her and it was heartbreaking for the nurses and doctors at our Children’s Hospital who cared for her. We send our condolences and prayers for her family and all who knew her, ”Ascension Sacred Heart said in a statement Tuesday morning.