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Lashaunda Jethro spent the weekend visiting family in St. Louis with her husband and their 17-year-old son, Trey, who has autism and does not speak. Her flight to the city went well, but it was a different story when they tried to board her flight back to Long Beach, California. Jethro says flying with Trey is already a challenge, and masking adds another level of difficulty.

According to her LinkedIn, the San Diego-based RN has served in the US Navy as a Clinic Supervisor from 2016 to 2017. Her current designation update on the website lists her as a part-time RN at Permanent Kaiser. Jethro and her family were visiting the St Louis area to meet family and friends, but their trip back to Long Beach turned harrowing once Southwest Airlines banned their flight before takeoff.

“He’s autistic. He has a hard time, so he doesn’t speak. But he’s a joy. I can’t imagine my life without him,” she said. “He won’t keep a mask on his face. We’ve tried and tested it. He just won’t. “. The Jethros were flying southwest and the airline has exemptions for masking, even for passengers with disabilities. The passenger or guardian must complete a form requesting the exemption in addition to having a doctor’s note.

“We get to the door of the plane and the flight attendant says’ No, he can’t come in. He had to wear a mask. ‘ I took out my phone, took out the doctor’s letter, and she said, ‘Well, no, this has to come from the company, and you have to do this before you get on the plane. ‘” Jethro said.

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Family shocked by flight dispute after their autistic son struggled with a mask

A fully vaccinated California family was barred from boarding a plane because a non-verbal autistic teenager among them refused to wear a mask. The mother, identified as LaShaunda Jethro, shared her shocking experience with a local news channel, telling them how flight attendants refused to let them, board until she got reports of their vaccination status and a doctor’s note about her son. . The Southwest Airlines cabin crew allowed them to enter. But son later, they have kicked off the flight claiming that Jethro was not wearing a mask. Jethro, however, maintains that she was wearing an oversized mask that kept sliding off her face.

News of this comes amid a flood of travelers reporting that they were kicked off flights for ridiculous reasons under the guise of not following the coronavirus regulations required by the CDC. In April, Spirit Airlines came under fire after a flight attendant threatened to take out a family because her youngest was not wearing a mask. In March, Spirit made headlines again where a 4-year-old autistic boy was pulled from the flight for not wearing a mask, ignoring a doctor’s note to excuse him. But Jethro’s experience with Southwest still managed to leave her appalled at the treatment the flight crew gave her.

Speaking about the incident to local channel KMOV-TV, Jethro said her son “will not put a mask on his face. We have tried and tested, she just will not.” The airline makes exceptions for passengers with different abilities if they or a guardian make a formal request in addition to carrying a doctor’s note. But Jethro said that didn’t matter in her case, as Southwest still kicked them out for little reason.

The airline disputes Jethro’s claims

“We get to the door of the plane and the flight attendant says, ‘no, you can’t get in, you have to wear a mask,’” Jethro told the outlet. “I picked up my phone and got the doctor’s letter.” Jethro was carrying documents showing that his son was fully vaccinated and he also called the airline and the local television channel, after which he was allowed to board the plane. However, she was eventually removed as flight attendants claimed that she was not wearing a mask while speaking to the crew. The airline also disputes Jethro’s claim that his mask was too large and fell off his face.

“I’m still in shock and in awe that this happened, and it’s like what else can I do?” Jethro told the channel. “I don’t know what else to do besides calling the company. What should we do to make sure we are doing the right thing.” Subsequently, she and her family booked another flight even though her luggage was transported with the one they were originally supposed to board. Jethro believes she was removed because she called the television news station, but the airline also disputes that claim.