WWE 2K22: 3 Things You Can Bet On After Seeing the Edge Screenshot

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WWE 2K22 – Edge

Finally … WWE Games has returned … to social media.

On Thursday, the WWE Games Twitter account dropped some highly anticipated media about the upcoming WWE 2K22 I play Hall of Famer Rated-R superstar Edge.

In case you haven’t seen the screens, take a look:

We thought that image might be the only one, but moments later, the Twitter account dropped a second image.

Here’s a look at Twitter’s reaction to the long-awaited screenshots.

ThisGenGaming immediately showed love for the obviously improved rendering over the obsolete one that we had been seeing in recent WWE 2K games.

Hotel Smackdown released this real-life GIF of Edge during his monumental entry last month when WWE returned to a live audience.

Dr. Gorilla Nuts, one of the top custom content creators in the WWE 2K community, was clearly intrigued by Edge’s screenshot.

It will be great to see what creators like Dr. Gorilla Nuts do with the next version of WWE 2K22.

The screenshots sent mostly positive vibes through the WWE 2K community. After looking at the Edge screens and based on what I have observed in 2K, there are some things that seem like sure bets related to WWE 2K22.

1 – You can bet WWE 2K22 will be a next-gen release

Take a good look at those Edge screenshots. Based on the lighting and shaders in these images, I can almost promise you that these displays come from a next-gen console.

Most likely it was on PlayStation 5. The visual fidelity here is evident and that’s the first reason you can expect WWE 2K22 to be on next-gen consoles.

The second aspect, and perhaps the most important, has not yet been officially announced. I wrote earlier this weekI strongly believe that WWE 2K22 will not be released during its traditional fall window.

Instead, I think WWE 2K22 will get closer to WrestleMania 38, which will take place on April 3, 2022 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. A launch just before WrestleMania makes sense as players and wrestling fans can flock to PSN and the Microsoft Store to buy WWE 2K22 after Showcase of the Immortals has put a battery on their back.

If my prediction is correct and WWE 2K22 launches next year, the next-gen consoles will have been available for two holiday seasons. That means that many more households will have a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X.

Also, we would be looking at close to 2.5 years since 2K released the last WWE 2K game. In that situation, there’s almost no way for them to release a game that was ONLY available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X.

There are many reasons to believe that WWE 2K22 will be a next-gen title.

2 – You can bet on learning when WWE 2K22 will be released at SummerSlam

It doesn’t matter if the game comes out in October or sometime next year, we’ll almost certainly know the release date at SummerSlam on Saturday.

The caption associated with the Edge image tells us that there will be more information at SummerSlam. At this point, there’s not much more to say besides a release date before we start looking at a ton of gameplay information and feature details.

It would be a shock if we don’t find information on the release date at SummerSlam.

3- You can bet that you are likely to see some play at SummerSlam

I might take a chance here, but I also think we could get some kind of extended breakthrough. We’ve seen the Rey Mysterio trailer earlier this year, but there has been a great span of time between then and now, and it seems like some kind of poignant video is needed.

Especially if the game is still releasing in October, fans will want to see something beyond the Edge image. If the game doesn’t come out until next year, a snippet would still be nice and plausible.

Stay tuned.

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