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Zahir Jadoon a wealthy socialite from Lamore, is accused of attacking

Mayra Zulfiqar, who recently moved to Pakistan following law school, was found with bullet wounds to the neck and shoulder inside her apartment on May 3. A Pakistani man with an affinity for firearms allegedly confessed to the fatal shooting death of a British law school graduate earlier this month, a report said.

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Zahir Jadoon is 26 years old.

Arrested – Charges

Zahir Jadoon flew into a rage after Zayra Zulfiqar, 25, rejected a marriage proposal, police have said. Mayra, from Feltham, west London, was found dead lying in a pool of blood in her apartment after she was shot in the neck and shoulder.

Jadoon – a 26-year-old socialite from a wealthy Pakistani family – is said to have admitted carrying out the brutal killing in Lahore on May 3. Social media posts of the suspect show him proudly posing with pistols and assault rifles. Police Superintendent Police Shoaib Khurram Janbaz told The Sun: “The main suspect has confessed to his crime.

“The case is now solved and we move on to ensure punishment for the culprit.”

Jadoon and fellow rich kid Saad Butt, 28, were named as suspects after partying with Mayra after she traveled to Pakistan for a wedding. The pair are believed to have lured Mayra into the party scene enjoyed by Lahore’s young elite after she went to Pakistan two months earlier before deciding to stay.

After she decided to stay on in Pakistan she became close to Jadoon – but he flew into a rage when she refused his marriage proposal, police said. After a nationwide manhunt was launched Butt turned himself into authorities and remains under investigation.

Just days before she was killed, Mayra told police that Jadoon – who she is believed to have had a relationship with – allegedly abducted her at gunpoint and threatened to kill her.

Jadoon initially claimed he had an alibi and was in Islamabad at the time of the murder and Saad said he was at home in Lahore. Speaking with the Sun, police sources identified the main suspect as Jadoon. Another man, Saad Butt, 28, was identified as a suspect and had turned himself into police, the report said. Social media posts from Jadoon show him posing with a pistol and a long gun.

Zulfiqar, similarly, had an influential social media presence, frequently posting photos and selfies of herself to her nearly 12,000 followers, the report said.